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d20 - an RPG dice roller Hack Resources free Generator for iOS Android

d20 is a dice roller designed for tabletop roll-playing game like D&D and Pathfinder. It let’s you build complex rolls and save them as presets so you can roll them anytime. FEATURES **Advanced dice rolls** Handle complex dice rolls with ease. Tack on modifiers and even do math. **Multi-roll** With new multi-roll functionality, you can roll attack and damage at the same time. **Dice panel** Nice, large buttons for composing rolls or quickly rolling a single die. **Presets** Save any formula as a preset so you can reuse it with a single click or keyboard shortcut. **Preset groups** Organize your presets into groups and easily switch between them. DMs rejoice **True randomness** d20 integrates with RANDOM.ORG under the hood to provide you with true random numbers based on atmospheric noise.. **Detailed results** See exactly how the dice fall, including visual cues for critical hits and misses. **Keyboard shortcuts** Quickly compose a formula, roll a die, or execute a preset. d20's keyboard support is OP. **Dark mode** d20 comes with a dark mode and a light mode and can match your Mac's preference. **Made with love** Made with love and coffee by an independent developer and Dungeon Master :-)

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